Joy to the City: The Joy of Giving

April 22, 2012
Pastor Marcus Kunz

This morning we continue our four-week message series, “Joy to the City,” as we continue to work toward the launch of our second site on North Avenue in Chicago. We began by exploring how God feels about cities and how that guides our thoughts and actions. Today we’ll consider the joy to be experienced in giving of who we are and what we have to further God’s loving work in the city and in the whole world.

Joy to the City: God and the City

April 15, 2012
Pastor Fred Nelson

This morning we launch a new four-week message series, “Joy to the City,” in conjunction with our capital campaign. Each week we’ll be looking at a different aspect of our call to become a multisite church by launching a second location in Chicago. We being by exploring how cities are both the “best of places” and the “worst of place,”  how God feels about them and how he wants us to feel about them.

Easter… But What Does it Mean?

April 8, 2012
Pastor Carol Breimeier

Amid all the wonderful Easter celebration, an important question needs to be asked, “What does it mean?” Pastor Carol helps us dive deep into the enduring message of the resurrection and the difference it makes to how we live our lives.

Generous Justice: Going Public and Being Wise

April 1, 2012
Pastor Fred Nelson

Today we conclude by taking a look at a “double disconnect” in the way we do justice. We’ll look at the connection between “private” and “public” and the connection between “head” and “heart”.  How can we go public with a life of generous justice, and how can we do it in a way that’s as wise as it is generous?