Exploring Ephesians: 5:21 Living

June 24, 2012
Pastor Fred Nelson                                  This morning we’ll be reflecting on the stance we take up toward one another. What does “turnaround living” look like when husbands and wives, parents and children, and bosses and workers interact with each other? The answer lies in a revolutionary approach to our troubled relationships: “Be subject to one another, out of reverence to Christ.”

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Exploring Ephesians: Guidelines for Turnaround Living

June 17, 2012                          Pastor Carol Breimeier

We continue our exploration of Ephesians (end of chapter 4 and beginning of chapter 5), considering together what it means to take seriously the truth that we are members of one body. Bodies have boundaries. The parts of the body are all interrelated. And the body works best when all its parts are working well and working together. What do these things mean for the church as the body of Christ in the world?

Exploring Ephesians: Unity, Diversity, Maturity

June 10, 2012                          Pastor Fred Nelson

This morning, as we turn to chapter 4, we’ll begin to tackle the danger of complacency – taking our new identity for granted and refusing to embrace the new life we’re called to. We’ll see how each of us is called to live a life marked by unity, diversity, and maturity.

Exploring Ephesians: In Christ (Alone)

June 3, 2012                            Pastor Fred Nelson

We began with an amazing description of God’s eternal plan for us and of our family connection with the God of the universe, who adopts us as his own daughters and sons. It’s hard to hold on to that gift of new identity in Christ, however. We’re tempted either to turn it into our own achievement or to refuse to act on it. This morning we hear St. Paul remind us of the “before-after” quality of our identity – and how Christ alone, and grace alone, makes all the difference.