Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Slide03January 13, 2013
Pastor Fred Nelson

In week two of our E100 message series, we track God’s election and promises through the towering figures of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their unfolding drama of infertility, sacrifice, rivalry, and reconciliation.

In the Beginning

relentless loveJanuary 6, 2013
Pastor Fred Nelson

We begin a 20-week message series, based on the E100 program, where we look at one hunderd of the most essential passages in the Bible (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament). This series is both for those of us who’ve never really read the Bible and for those who could use a refresher. For five months we’ll be following the thread of the biblical story – from Genesis to Revelation – one passage at a time. We’ll be focusing on the big story, digging into the details at times, and letting it work in our hearts and minds. Our series kicks off with a reflection on what it means to encounter the Bible. We also preview some early chapters in the book of Genesis, as we hear how things start up, go terribly wrong, get judged and get rescued. Above all we see how, through it all, God is actively in the center – creating, judging, promising, guiding, and loving.

This Year, Next Year, and the Kingdom of God

new year ideasDecember 30, 2012
Peter Schwich

As we look back at 2012, where do we see the movement of the kingdom of God? And as we look forward to a new year, what can we do to live as faithful subjects of the true king? We look at the idea of the kingdom of God and talk about how we can continue to grow as we take our identities from who God says we are.

Advent Conspiracy: Love All

love allDecember 23, 2012
Pastor Fred Nelson

We conclude our four-week message series based on the Advent Conspiracy movement by looking at the call to “love all.” That sounds good, of course, but what does it really mean? How can we make that more than a platitude that we mouth at this time of year?