The Judges

Everyday peopleFebruary 10, 2013
Mark Nielson

We continue to follow the story of the people of Israel as it leads into the time of “the judges.” Even as we read of the fantastic exploits of people like Samson, we also look at the “little people” in God’s story. We see some humble (or reluctant) but effective tools of God who bless each other in direct, merciful, or simple ways, and who turn out to be unexpected turning points in “the Big Plan.”

The Law and the Land

Promised landFebruary 3, 2013
Marcus Kunz

We look at God’s law and the land he promised his people. We see how God’s commands and promise are surprise gifts that go far beyond conventional expectations. God surprises us with a mercy that is more radical and more encompassing than we might imagine: gracious protection for the whole community and a place of promise for all.

Moses and the Exodus: God the Persistent Liberator

flyJanuary 27, 2013
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We look at the stories of Moses and his brother, Aaron, and the way God used them to liberate his people from slavery. God stuck with his plan to bring his people out of Egypt, even in the face of their wavering faith. God is the persistent liberator.