The Revelation

The EndJune 2, 2013
Pastor Fred Nelson

We reach the book of Revelation, and a compelling vision of our journey’s end. We’ve seen the Yes of God’s love shine through the No of God’s judgment. And now, as we turn to the Revelation to John, we catch a glimpse of The End, where once again God’s powerful grace calls everything into (new) being.

Faith in Action 5

FIA 2013 summaryMay 26, 2013
Marge Kazanis, Pastor Fred Nelson, Maritza Botello, Pastor Carol Breimeier

For the fifth year in a row, the people of Redeemer set aside one weekend and set out to “be the church” in our communities. In obedience to our Lord who healed the sick, fed the hungry, and comforted the grieving, we set out to minister to God’s children all around us. In obedience to a God who is love, we set out to share God’s love through the work of our hearts and our hands. We hear from a few of the people who participated in the sixteen ministries that were part of Faith in Action weekend.