Work Zone: Work and Grace

working alongside JesusSeptember 1, 2013
Pastor Fred Nelson

We conclude a two-week look at connecting our work to God’s work, inspired by Tim Keller’s book Every Good Endeavor. We explore how Jesus can and does change our experience of work both by changing us and by changing our relationship to work. Work can be a great gift when the Lord uses us as instruments, servants, and chosen friends.

Work Zone: Bittersweet Gift

8-25-13August 25, 2013
Pastor Fred Nelson

We take two weeks to think about work – about its role in our lives, and about how our everyday work connects with God’s work. Drawing on theologian Tim Keller’s book Every Good Endeavor, we explore God’s plan for work, our problems with work, and how the Gospel can transform our work. We begin by stepping back from a narrow view or our work life to get a glimpse of the big picture.

Unrelenting Love

8-18-13August 18, 2013
Peter Schwich

God meets us again and again with love that refuses to quit. Our God is always faithful and overflowing with mercy and forgiveness. As his followers, we are invited to participate in that unrelenting love. We look at what it means to be broken and hurting people loving with the same love as a perfect and mighty God.

A Life of Prayer: There is Power in Prayer

8-11-2013August 11, 2013
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We look at another aspect of prayer – the way God’s power works through our prayer. Jesus promised his followers that, through keeping up a connection with God through prayer, they would do great and amazing things. How do we look at that now, so many years after Jesus said it? Do we expect powerful responses to our prayer, or are we afraid to get our hopes up?

A Life of Prayer: Prayer Is a Relationship

8-4-2013August 4, 2013
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We begin a two-part message series on prayer. Prayer is a puzzle for many people inside and outside the church. And it can often be a challenge for even the most committed believer. We talk about getting started with prayer and about prayer as not a thing we do but a relationship we’re invited to live in.

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

7-28-13July 28, 2013
Dan Quest

We conclude our summer message series “People’s Choice.” We’re asking: How do we balance the different demands vying for our time and attention? How are we spending our time? Are the things we’re trying to balance worth it? If balance requires a center of gravity, what is at the center for each of us? We explore what Sabbath is, what gets in the way, and how God’s gift of Sabbath can help us find the balance he intends for us.

Happy with Who I Am

7-21-2013July 21, 2013
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We continue our summer message series called “People’s Choice.” Each week we’re tackling a question or a problem that people in the congregation are curious about or struggling with. Today’s question is a big one for many, if not most, of us: Why do we seem always to want to be different from who and what we are? Why aren’t we happy with who we are? And can we find peace in following Jesus Christ?

Setting Healthy Boundaries: Living with “Problem People”

7-7-13July 7, 2013
Pastor Fred Nelson

We continue our five-week summer message series we’re calling “People’s Choice.” We ask ourselves how we ought to deal with unreliable, difficult, or evil people. When do we stay engaged with such people? When and how and why should we disconnect? What kinds of healthy, loving boundaries need to be established? How should we then re-engage? And what does God’s Word have to say to us in all these kinds of situations?

What’s “Lutheran” Got to Do with It?

6-30-13June 30, 2013
Pastor Fred Nelson

We begin a new summer message series we’re calling “People’s Choice.” For  five weeks we’ll be tackling questions and problems that people in the congregation are curious about or struggling with. Here we ask, “What’s Lutheran Got to Do With It?” What’s helpful or unhelpful in labeling ourselves this way? At its best and at its worst, what does it mean to describe ourselves as Lutheran?