The Soul and Simplicity

single focusFebruary 9, 2014
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We talk about how our inner lives and self-understanding (especially our duplicity and attempts at “impression management”) are transformed by simplicity, and how that shows itself in our external actions.

The Gift of Simplicity

simplicity unencoumberedFebruary 2, 2014
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We begin a three-part message series focused on the spiritual gift – and calling – of simplicity. God calls us to a life of meaning and peace, not frantic scrambling and never-satisfied longing. It’s a life with a single, central focus that puts everything else in its proper place, a life of “seeking God’s kingdom first” (Matthew 6:33). We talk about what simplicity is, what it isn’t, and what Scripture has to say about living with our eyes focused on God.