Easter Sunday: Speechless

Easter 2014 - PR image-2April 20, 2014
Park Ridge
Pastor Carol Breimeier

As the story is reported in the Gospel of Mark, the women who went to Jesus’ tomb and found it empty ran away, filled with “terror and amazement” and didn’t say anything to anyone. Now we find hope and comfort in Jesus’ resurrection and celebrate Easter with joy. But have we lost something of the awe that overcame the women at the tomb?


Good Friday: O Judas

4-18-14 O Judas-3April 18, 2014
Park Ridge
Pastor Fred Nelson

This year, we’re zeroing in on one small aspect of the Good Friday story — on what’s happening between Jesus and Judas. Why think about Judas? Because he is chosen and loved by Jesus, and yet Judas rejects and betrays him. Because Judas is a reflection of something personal about ourselves — our own rebelliousness and rejection, our own guilt and shame. But also because we see in Judas that Jesus continues to be for us, in the midst of our disloyalty, even as we betray him with a kiss.