Sins We Love: Gossip

1.5 (1)July 27, 2014
Dan Quest

We continue our sermon series on the Sins We Love by looking at the destructive nature of gossip. We can’t stand when we’re being talked about, but so often we fall into the trap of talking about others. Dan Quest from our lay preaching team helps us explore we’re why gossip is contrary to the life we’re called to as Christians and how we can live differently.

(This recording started a few seconds late.  Here’s what was missed…)

Last week Pastor Matt introduced our summer sermons series Sins We Love where we’ll spend seven weeks talking about specific sins and how they impact not only our own lives but the relationships we have with others. Looking around we see gossip everywhere: political gossip on various right and left leaning blogs, celebrity gossip in the grocery line, on TV, and online.  And even sports gossip on sites like Deadspin. Now, when it’s so far removed from our own lives it can be a seemingly fun escape. I mean, we’re never really going to interact with these people so who cares if I pass along that Solange Knowles beat up Jay-Z in an elevator? Obviously, though, it doesn’t stop there. I’d venture to guess that at one point or another everyone in this room has felt the strange excitement of having some juicy news to share about someone they don’t get along with…


Sins We Love: Loving God and Loving Sin

Slide9-2July 20, 2014
Pastor Matt Stuhlmuller

Let’s be real: following Jesus hasn’t turned life into a cakewalk. Jesus has given us a new lease on life, but there’s still that part of us that struggles to make the right choices. Call it what you want: sin, brokenness, immorality…it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that we continue to face spiritual challenges that keep us from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus wants for us. Even though we want to live rightly, we often feel trapped in old ways of living.

But this is not about guilt. This is about finding freedom, and the only way we’re going to do that is by hearing what Jesus is doing about our sin. So let’s be real…let’s be real about the different sins that challenge us daily, and let’s be real about how Jesus has set things right. On this seven-week journey, we explore the sins we love.

Meet the Prophets: Amos (Do Justice!)

amos-2July 13, 2014
Park Ridge
James Pessin

We continue our 3-week message series Meet the Prophets. Each week we look at some of the major prophets of Israel and listen to what they had to say in their own time and place – and to see what important things they might still have to say to us here and now. James Pessin from our Lay Preaching Team shares the message and helps us explore the challenging and harsh words of Amos.  Amos warned of God’s wrath against his people who gained prosperity by exploiting the poor and vulnerable. He called God’s people to repent and do justice.

At Home In Simplicity

2-16 imageJuly 13, 2014
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We conclude our three-part message series focused on the spiritual gift – and calling – of simplicity. God calls us to a life of meaning and peace, not frantic scrambling and never-satisfied longing. It’s a life with a single, central focus that puts everything else in its proper place, a life of “seeking God’s kingdom first” (Matthew 6:33). We talk about how our outer lives (our belongings and our activities) can both facilitate and reflect an inner simplicity of focus on God.

Meet the Prophets: Hosea (No Other Gods!)

meet hoseaJuly 6
Park Ridge
Pastor Fred Nelson

This message begins a 3-week message series Meet the Prophets. Each week we look at some of the major prophets of Israel and listen to what they had to say in their own time and place – and to see what important things they might still have to say to us here and now. Here we hear from the prophet Hosea. He had a powerful message to both speak out and live out publicly as he called God’s people back from a promiscuous flirting with other gods, and to a faithful relationship with the one true God.

The Soul of Simplicity

single focusJuly 6, 2014
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We talk about how our inner lives and self-understanding (especially our duplicity and attempts at “impression management”) are transformed by simplicity, and how that shows itself in our external actions