Reading the Bible in the Communion of Saints

PR Sept 28 imageSeptember 28, 2014
Park Ridge
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We continue our series on Reading the Bible. Here we take a closer look at how the Bible was formed in the community of the Church and how our reading of the Bible is shaped and guided, even now, by other Christians.

From Here to There: Going Up

Image 09-14-14September 14
Pastor Matt Stuhlmuller

Wherever we are on our spiritual journey, we can always take a step forward as we seek to more closely follow Jesus. As we kick off the fall season, we study the three key relationships that every Christ-follower must nurture: our relationship with God (Up), our relationship with other Christians (In), and our relationship with the world (Out). The Up-In-Out pattern of discipleship offers us a wholistic approach for furthering our walk with God.

Reading the Bible as a Child, Youth, Adult

Sept 14 image PRSeptember 14, 2014
Park Ridge
Pastor Carol Breimeier

Our Bible was formed through generations of use and selection by communities of God’s people, guided, we believe, by the Holy Spirit. It’s a collection of books, some of which are themselves collections (Psalms, for example), and it contains everything from wise aphorisms to stories of incredible epic events (such as God’s stopping the sun in the sky in response to Joshua’s prayer). We read the stories to children, encourage teenagers to read for themselves, and promise adults that they’ll find peace and hope in the pages of Scripture. This morning, we begin a three-week look at Reading the Bible with a consideration of how our reading may change in different times of our lives.

Sins We Love: Addiction

Man FustratedSeptember 7, 2014
Jeremy Roberts

We continue to explore the sins that tempt us, challenge us, and ultimately keep us from experiencing the abundant life Jesus wants for us. Together, we find freedom as we hear what Jesus has done to set things right. Hear we hear from Jeremy Roberts, a member of our lay preaching team, on the topic of addiction.


Being a Disciple of Jesus

Sept 7 PR revisedSeptember 7, 2014
Park Ridge
Jade Kurokawa, Shannon Gonzales, and Matt Welke

We use the word discipleship when we talk about our Sunday school and youth group, our adult classes and connection groups. And why? Because we want to go beyond knowing who Jesus is to actually knowing Jesus and modeling ourselves after him. We want to go beyond believing that God exists to actually knowing God and living our lives according to the way God sees things. Today we’re going to hear from a Sunday school leacher, a youth group leader, and an adult connection group leader. They’ll tell you how their own lives have been formed and changed by their experience leading in discipleship.

Sins We Love: Envy

Slide01August 31, 2014
Rachel Quest

Let’s be honest about the destructive role envy plays in our lives. It distorts our understanding of ourselves and drains our relationships of joy. But by offering us a truer and healthier way to live, Jesus frees us from the harmful discontent that comes from being envious.

God and Baseball

Aug 31 image PRAugust 31, 2014
Park Ridge
Aneel Trivedi

Green grass in the outfield, a newly raked infield, and not a single ball or strike yet thrown – every new baseball season, and every new game, begins with hope. Christians, like Cubs fans, know what it means to live by hope even after the outs start to come and the opponent seems to be prevailing. Aneel Trivedi, from our lay preaching team, brings the message. We consider God and Baseball through the eyes of a follower of Jesus and life-long devotee of our national pastime.