Faithbook/Luke: Baptism and Temptation

Jan 11 2015 imageJanuary 11, 2015
Park Ridge
Pastor Carol Breimeier

We continue to read together through the Gospel According to Luke, seeking to know Jesus better so we can follow him better – so we can be more fully his disciples. Here we see Jesus baptized, the claim God made on him, and the ordeal of temptation that prepared him for the work ahead.

The Year Ahead: Everyone Counts and Everyone Grows

Jan. 4 image - PRJanuary 4, 2015
Park Ridge
Pastor Fred Nelson

In this new year of our life together, we want to take time to this morning once again to focus on the wildly important vision that God has called us to, and to talk about ways that we can each see that vision realized. We’ll both celebrate what the Lord has done among us in the past year, as well as look ahead with anticipation to how we can continue to grow – both personally and as a community. In this new year, we’ll be talking a lot about growing, about counting, and about three key faith practices that we can each strive toward in order to become the disciples and the community God desires us to be. And we’ll do all this because everyone counts and everyone grows.