Gospel of John: Opened Eyes

Hand of Jesus touching a blind man's eye. Detail of "Two blind men cured" (15-03-02/27) Mosaic (6th)

Hand of Jesus touching a blind man’s eye. Detail of “Two blind men cured” (15-03-02/27) Mosaic (6th)

February 28. 2016
Park Ridge
Marcus Kunz

In this morning’s segment of John’s dramatic narrative, Jesus encounters a man who was born without sight. When Jesus opens his eyes, many other things get opened as well — his life, his witness … and a lot of questions that open conversations. Will they open us as well? And what will we see?

The Gospel of John: Really Free

2-21-16 imageFebruary 21, 2016
Park Ridge
Pastor Fred Nelson

As we continue reading through John’s Gospel, we come to yet another section marked by increasing confusion and controversy. Not only are people torn and divided about what they believe about Jesus; they’re also torn and divided about what he offers and invites them to. Some are drawn by his invitation to have their deepest needs met. Some are insulted and resent the implication that they are needy. What about us? How needy are we? How un-free are we? Can we hear Jesus’ words to us as the truth that sets us really free?

The Gospel of John: A Woman Caught in Adultery

Feb 14, 2016 PR imageFebruary 14, 2016
Park Ridge
Pastor Carol Breimeier

As we continue reading through John’s gospel, we come to a story in which Jesus again stands against the clear, established Jewish law. The authorities bring to him a woman who has been caught “in the very act of committing adultery.” What, they want to know, does Jesus think should be done with her? People have their stones in hand, ready to punish her according to the law. But when Jesus invites any one of them who’s never sinned to throw the first stone, it puts the whole situation in a different light.