Worship FAQs

Q: When are the worship services?
A: We have two Sunday morning worship gatherings each week at both our Park Ridge and Chicago campuses.

At Park Ridge, our traditional worship service is at 8:30am. Our Encounter worship service (contemporary, multimedia) is at 11:00am, with community learning time in between.

At our Chicago campus, we gather for contemporary worship on Sundays at 9:00am and 11:15am.

Q: How long will worship last?
A: With few exceptions, you can expect Sunday worship to last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Q: What should I wear?
A: You name it, we’ve got it. Basically, it’s come as you are. The main thing is…wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and able to enter into a spirit of worship.

Q: What kind of music and atmosphere should I expect?
A: Well, it depends. At our traditional service (8:30am in Park Ridge only), the music is a blend of great old traditional hymns with a sprinkling of lively contemporary hymns and praise songs. As for atmosphere, the early service follows a classic “liturgical” pattern. That is, the rhythm of worship will follow a pattern very familiar to traditional Catholics, Lutherans, and Episcopalians, but with multimedia images to illustrate the morning’s message.

The contemporary worship experience at both campuses (11:00am in Park Ridge/9:00am and 11:15am in Chicago) is quite different from the experience at the traditional service. The music is designed to be contemporary, with bands leading us in singing. You can expect real musical variety during this service. If you’d like to hear some of our band’s home-grown music call the church office to request a free copy of our CD, Reimagine Worship. We also have guest worship bands that visit about once every couple of months, so we’re fed by a variety of musical styles. Our Sunday messages are Bible-based, engaging, and relevant for everyday living.

Holy Communion is celebrated at all services.

Q: Will I be singled out or put on the spot as a visitor?
A: Never. You will never be called upon to stand up or draw any special attention to yourself. The first time you visit us, someone will ask you to fill out a first-time visitor sheet. You’ll never be asked to fill out any other card after that. We’ve learned that, whenever people gather together, there’s always a fine line between respecting each other’s space on the one hand and getting lost in the crowd on the other. And so, at Redeemer, we’ve decided to ask everyone to wear a name tag—members and visitors alike. We’ve discovered that this helps us—and you—to get to know each other’s names over time. But if you’d rather not wear a name tag, that’s okay too.

Q: As a visitor, am I expected to give money?
A: Not unless you want to. Though giving is a part of the worship experience, the primary financial support of Redeemer’s ministry is the responsibility of our members and regular attenders. We want our visitors to be our guests, and we invite you to draw close to God during your worship experience with us.

Q: What about my kids?
A: At Redeemer, children of all ages are warmly welcomed at worship and are encouraged to stay with their families. We offer busy-bags for your little ones to pick up when they come into church. We realize, however, that sometimes kids can get really restless during worship, so we provide a staffed nursery during both services so that moms and dads can have an opportunity to worship with fewer distractions. During the message time at our contemporary services, we invite the younger kids to blow off some steam in the gym (Park Ridge) or downstairs in our fellowship hall (Chicago) under the watchful eye of our childcare attendants. This allows the adults and older kids to focus on the day’s message. When the message is over, the kids return in time to celebrate communion and the end of worship with their family.