Meet Our Coaches

At Redeemer we believe we are all invited to a new and changed life, following Jesus together. We want to invest in one another so we can all take real steps toward actual change. Whether someone is trying to establish a new habit, make a healthy decision, or accomplish a big goal, our coaches have trained and practiced to help others grow.

Ben HeadshotBen Blobaum

I really like getting to know people – not simply the surface details, but who they are. Since we (all people) tend to wear masks, my primary aim is to foster a place of safety – a relationship in which grace has primacy. My joy as a coach: being invited to walk along with someone for a part of their journey.



Carol_coachCarol Breimeier

I got into coaching in a big way when I did an extensive course that focused on coaching pastors and church teams. Since then, I’ve found the coaching approach is almost always the best way to help people get unstuck and take the first steps toward the changes they want to make. And it’s fun!


Fred_coachFred Nelson

I discovered the power of coaching back in 2009, during a week-long training event, and I’ve been enthusiastic about it ever since. I’ve personally benefited and have gotten “unstuck” by having someone coach me. And I absolutely love coming alongside other people to ask powerful questions and to see them find insight and make progress. Whether it’s getting stuck spiritually, being confused about relationships, making career choices, or reaching personal goals, coaching is a great tool. I’ve been able to coach dozens of people, and consider it a privilege and a joy every time I get the chance.


Andrea_coachAndrea Santiago

Music I listen to… Everything!!! Though most recently alternative rock.
Team I root for… Blackhawks!!!!
The place I call home… This is tough because I have lived in many places. Born in New York, raised in NJ, and lived in Fort Lauderdale and Chicago. I guess home is the awesome people I have met in every place that I have lived in.
What I enjoy about coaching… I enjoy aiding people to accomplishing their goals and seeing them succeed in them. I enjoy listening to others and providing support.
How I like to spend my time… I enjoy reading a good book, working out, and eating all types of food. I also enjoy traveling and exploring places and different cultures in the world. Hoping to do more traveling in the next few years.



Peter Schwich

I’m a former long-time student and currently the pastor of our Portage Park campus. I’ve benefited a ton from being coached, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to serve as a coach. It’s fun to get to sit with someone as they think through how to make progress in an area where they’ve felt stagnant or stuck. And as someone who has been the beneficiary of a lot of coaching support, I can testify to its effectiveness in instigating real growth in many areas of life.


Stuhlmuller publicity shotMatt Stuhlmuller

What I enjoy about coaching… One of the aspects of ministry that I most enjoy is helping people achieve their goals. Whether people are looking to grow spiritually or in some other facet of life, I consider it a privilege to walk with people as we pursue the abundant life that Jesus promises us.
Music I listen to… Pretty much anything with a melody.
Teams I root for…Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
The place I call home… SoCal
How I like to spend my time… Reading, cycling, drumming, relaxing with my son and wife.